Change of Venue!

The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel is closing for renovations, and so we have moved our base hotel to the Duang Tawan Hotel – let’s call it an upgrade!

The Duang Tawan Hotel has great facilities and is right around the corner from the Imperial Mae Ping, located right on Loi Kroh Road, and a very short walk from the Night Bazaar and River. The venue change therefore doesn’t make too many differences to the original plan – in many ways it is even better!

If you have already booked your accommodation at the Imperial Mae Ping – Don’t Worry! Your reservation will be moved directly to the Duang Tawan at no cost – or if you would prefer to get a refund, it is not a problem to get a full refund. The hotels will handle the reservation transfer (not the MIH organisers!), so they will contact you directly next week!

If you haven’t booked your room yet, there are still rooms at the Duang Tawan and a new booking form – Duang Tawan Hotel Booking.