Runs @ The Main Event

Howdy Mekong Hashers!

After hundreds of km scouting, the hares (BmY, TmB, BF & HRA) have finally finished scouting the virgin trails we will use for the main event! On Saturday 16th November you will have a choice of 4 runs in a top secret location around 1 hour drive from the hotel:-

1) The BALL BREAKER. Songthaews will depart Duang Tawan Hotel at 10:30AM. This is an A->B->C->D run that is over 20km. Broken into 3 legs, there are 2 opportunities to get more water, or if necessary bail out if it is too much. There will be a cut-off time at the 2nd beer stop.

2) The LONG. Songthaews will depart Duang Tawan Hotel at 12:30PM. This is an A->B->C run that is approximately 12km. There is a drink stop / bail out point roughly halfway through the run.

3) The REGULAR. Songthaews will depart Duang Tawan Hotel at 1:30PM. This is an A->B run, approximately 7km.

4) The WALK. This will use the same group of songthaews as the regular, departing at 1:30PM. The A->B run is <4km.

All 4 runs are gently undulating runnable runs and the hotel departure times have been chosen to allow everyone to finish their run in time to tuck into the beer at the picturesque circle sites. After the run, there will be 2 circles, with the LONG & BB runners joining for one circle, while nearby the REGULAR and WALK will combine for a 2nd circle. As there is no lighting at the circle sites, we aim to finish the circle around sunset (6PM). This will allow enough time to travel back to Chiang Mai, clean up, and go to The River Market for the evening dinner / entertainment, which is due to commence at 8pm.