Hare Brief!

Howdy Hashers! Looking forward to the main event? The hares are looking forward to entertaining you with a variety of fun trails suited to all tastes. Of course there will be a hare briefing on the day, but to get your appetite going, here is an idea of what to expect.

First up – all the runs on Saturday will be marked with strips of white paper, stapled to trees, bushes, leaves etc. The strips of paper also indicate which run you are on – for example the regular run has an “R” on each strip. Please stay on trail!!! If you stray off trail, or attempt to shortcut, you may be in store for an unpleasant night stuck out in the jungle!

Second, the hares will attempt to keep you interested, and slow down those pesky FRBs with a variety of checks – beginning with the humble Circle Check.

The marked trail will stop at the circle, and you’ll have to hunt to find the next paper. The trail will continue around 100m from the check in any direction – so get out there and look for it! When you find it, call your fellow hashers “ONON!”. Next to the circle will be stapled a collection of spare strips that you can use to connect the trail so those following behind don’t have to do it again.

Next up, the Devilish False Trail.

You’ll be running / walking along enjoying the scenery, following paper until you hit an “FT” stuck on a tree. Damn those hares – you’ve followed the trail in the wrong direction. You’ll have to turn around and go back to find the true trail. Back on trail up to around 100m (or so) you may spot another option, and find paper continuing in a different direction. At the FT there will be paper strips that once again you make it clear for those following along behind. – Feel free to tear the false paper off on the way back to make it clear for those behind you.

Possibly you may find a V-check.

Here trail is marked in 2 directions – one is true, one is false! Take your pick, if you are wrong you will end up at a bar (nope you won’t be able to get a drink – this bar is just a paper line across the trail). You’ll have to go back and pick up the true trail – once again using the paper to make it clear for those following behind.

Remember, there are 4 runs to choose from on the Saturday – make sure you pick the one that is best suited to you. On the Ball Breaker there are 2 opportunities to bail out, and on the Long run there is 1 opportunity to bail out. For your own safety, don’t attempt the longer runs if you can’t make it at least until a bail out point!

Runs @ The Main Event

Howdy Mekong Hashers!

After hundreds of km scouting, the hares (BmY, TmB, BF & HRA) have finally finished scouting the virgin trails we will use for the main event! On Saturday 16th November you will have a choice of 4 runs in a top secret location around 1 hour drive from the hotel:-

1) The BALL BREAKER. Songthaews will depart Duang Tawan Hotel at 10:30AM. This is an A->B->C->D run that is over 20km. Broken into 3 legs, there are 2 opportunities to get more water, or if necessary bail out if it is too much. There will be a cut-off time at the 2nd beer stop.

2) The LONG. Songthaews will depart Duang Tawan Hotel at 12:30PM. This is an A->B->C run that is approximately 12km. There is a drink stop / bail out point roughly halfway through the run.

3) The REGULAR. Songthaews will depart Duang Tawan Hotel at 1:30PM. This is an A->B run, approximately 7km.

4) The WALK. This will use the same group of songthaews as the regular, departing at 1:30PM. The A->B run is <4km.

All 4 runs are gently undulating runnable runs and the hotel departure times have been chosen to allow everyone to finish their run in time to tuck into the beer at the picturesque circle sites. After the run, there will be 2 circles, with the LONG & BB runners joining for one circle, while nearby the REGULAR and WALK will combine for a 2nd circle. As there is no lighting at the circle sites, we aim to finish the circle around sunset (6PM). This will allow enough time to travel back to Chiang Mai, clean up, and go to The River Market for the evening dinner / entertainment, which is due to commence at 8pm.


Dear Hashers!

We are now just over a month away from the big event, so here is an update from the organisers (Belly Dancer & Byte My Yahoo).

Yee Peng & Loy Kratong Festival

Firstly a wholehearted apology from Belly Dancer – when I bid for MIH 2019 in September 2018, Google showed that the renowned and beautiful Loy Kratong Festival was on 13th November 2019. Sadly Chiang Mai City Council have set the main activities from Sunday 10th Nov – Tuesday 12th November 2019. A detailed program is attached to this email. If you are able to come earlier then its strongly recommended, but there will undoubtedly be continued celebrations lasting throughout the week.

Further information here:-

(Note MIH 2019 have no connection with PM-Tours and the link is solely to provide background information.)

MIH 2019 – Main Event

This years event has proved very popular and is sold out. Therefore, there will be absolutely no payment in Chiang Mai – ONLY pre-paid registrants will be admitted. When you arrive at Registration at the Duang Tawan Hotel in Chiang Mai, please bring your official Registration Receipt and ID. At the registration desk every attendee will be required to sign a Waiver, which is also attached to this email.

At Registration sign-in you will be given your Goody Bag. Registration will be conducted over the period 12 -18 November – and further information will be provided on this in early November. Your Goody Bag will contain your security bracelet for MIH 2019 and any Pre/Post lube runs you have paid for – you should check your bag before you leave the Registration area as replacement security bracelets will not be given out. The security bracelets are soft, comfortable and durable enough to survive the toughest Ball Breaker! They can only be removed by cutting them off. Entrance to the venues, bus boarding will be security bracelet only.

MIH 2019 – Pre/Post Lube Runs

Pre/Post events are open to all, regardless of MIH 2019 Main Event attendance, but we strongly advise you pre-book & pay as soon as possible, as after 15/10/2019 we will not be able to guarantee haberdashery, or enough BEER! If you have already registered and paid, please check your name is on the Who’s Cumming List on the website. Otherwise:- http://www.indochina2019.com/prelube-postlube-registration/

We are excited and looking forward to seeing you here in beautiful Chiang Mai and hope you have a fun time with friends – old and new!


Belly Dancer & Byte My Yahoo
MIH 2019 Mismanagement

Pre-Lube & Post-Lube Registration

We are now accepting formal registrations for Pre-lube and Post-lube events, and you should have received an email to let you sign up. Please check out the Who’s Cumming pages for each of the runs after you’ve paid your runfees!


We are busily working away to make MIH2019 an awesome, ‘memorable’ event and we are looking forward to welcoming all of you to our hashing trails in Chiang Mai. Nonetheless we realise that some on the “Who’s Cumming” list may unfortunately not be able to make it. There is a waiting list, so if you can’t make it, we’d love to welcome someone from our waiting list to take your place!

However, as we have already started production on personalised items, we are not able to offer you a refund of your run fee in the event that you can not attend. If you can find someone to buy your place, then let us know, otherwise, we can offer it to the next person on the waiting list, (although we are wary of data protection issues if we were to connect you directly). We are nonetheless trying to be fair for those who suffer unfortunate circumstances that mean they can’t attend, ergo we offer the following updated refund policy:-

Before 30th June- 4000B
1st July – 31st August – 3000B
1st Sept 31st October – 2000B
After 1st November – NO REFUND

(All fees will be covered by you and refunds will be processed after the event).

Change of Venue!

The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel is closing for renovations, and so we have moved our base hotel to the Duang Tawan Hotel – let’s call it an upgrade! https://www.duangtawanhotelchiangmai.com/

The Duang Tawan Hotel has great facilities and is right around the corner from the Imperial Mae Ping, located right on Loi Kroh Road, and a very short walk from the Night Bazaar and River. The venue change therefore doesn’t make too many differences to the original plan – in many ways it is even better!

If you have already booked your accommodation at the Imperial Mae Ping – Don’t Worry! Your reservation will be moved directly to the Duang Tawan at no cost – or if you would prefer to get a refund, it is not a problem to get a full refund. The hotels will handle the reservation transfer (not the MIH organisers!), so they will contact you directly next week!

If you haven’t booked your room yet, there are still rooms at the Duang Tawan and a new booking form – Duang Tawan Hotel Booking.

TDH3 Prelube Announced

The TDH3 is organising Prelube events – a hash/bus/train from Bangkok->Chiang Mai before the events begin in Chiang Mai, and then a prelube run on Friday morning. Full information can be found here:- TDH3

Hotel Bookings!

Agoda is reporting over 50% of hotel rooms are already occupied for next November! Loi Kratong is a popular time in Chiang Mai, so please make sure you get your room sorted early! If you want to stay at the Imperial Hotel, you can use the following booking form!

Booking Form