Monday 18th – Full Moon Run


Monday 18th November


Hare: BoBo

Location: Secret

Run Fee: 1200B (in advance). Run fee includes Beer, food, T-shirt, transport & more Beer.

Note: Anyone not pre-registered and not pre-paid who signs up during the weekend will be charged a 100B supplement and it is highly likely that they will not get a T-shirt.
Transport: will depart from Duang Tawan Hotel at a time TBA once BoBo works out where the run site is going to be located. (But it will probably be around 3:30 PM.)

Run 1½ took place in Yangon in 2009 and the event has been held annually and Hared by BoBo ever since. (Don’t ask about Run ½ – if you were not in Angkor Wat at the time, you will never know). Traditionally this run was never advertised but was always the highlight for the cognoscenti who knew about it and booked their places up to a year in advance. It has slowly grown year by year as more and more people heard about it and so this year tradition is being thrown out of the window and money will be collected in advance – and hopefully BoBo can enjoy his weekend without having to spend his whole time collecting money and signing people up.
Sadly it has now grown to the point that it is becoming almost too big for its own good and this will almost certainly be the last time that all-comers will be allowed. Future events are likely to have strict cut-offs.
Warning No. 1: It will be DARK on the run. Bring a torch/headlamp or other light-making implement.
Warning No. 2: The trail is set for RUNNERS. You walk at your own risk – do not expect short-cuts or people to hold your hand.
The run will finish with the traditional Full Moon Circle followed by a full meal.