Be advised that this event is now over subscribed and all new registrants will be placed on the Waiting List

Places are filling up!

We are currently processing registrants on the waiting list and all new registrants are for now being placed on the waiting list too due to the volume of Rego submissions we have received. Successful registrants will be admitted on a first come basis once we have dealt with the back-log of those previously wait listed.

Byte Got Drunk…

So Byte went hashing, and had a few beers at the OnONOn, and can’t be arsed creating receipts tonight… If you paid today, hopefully I’ll sober up and send you a receipt tomorrow!

Registration is re-opened!

Paypal customer support have actually been really good & professional the past few days, so it looks like we have resolved the problems and registration can go ahead again.

Paypal Hell!!!

Greetings Hashers!

We are currently have some major problems with Paypal, which I shall attempt to resolve tomorrow. In the meantime, we will have to suspend registration.

Registration Update!

Mekong Indochina opened registrations for LBH3 hashers on 31st October, and for hashers in the Mekong Indochina region on 1st November, and since then, MIH2019 HQ has been working hard to manage registrations (while we do have paying jobs to attend to as well!)

So, there are a few issues that we should clarify;

1) As this is the Mekong Indochina Hash, priority registration is being given to regional hashers (Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam) – other registrants are for now being placed on a waiting list, but will be admitted on a first come basis once general registration is opened.

2) We have had a minor issue with Paypal due to our account being a new account. This means that while the first batch of registrants have successfully received their receipts, the next batch have been placed “on hold” for 21 days, or until Paypal approves us. Therefore we may not be able to issue receipts immediately for new registrants.

3) We will publish a “Who’s Cumming” list in due course, but we are kinda busy at the moment, so if you’ve paid up, you shouldn’t worry!

4) We strongly recommend you book flights / hotels early as Chiang Mai is popular during the Loy Kratong festival! However, we are aware that booking a hotel over a year in advance isn’t easy! I suggest you wait until the second half of the month to book through your favourite online booking system (Imperial Mae Ping Hotel is the base hotel), otherwise hopefully we will have a direct booking channel available next week.

On On

Where to stay!

The main base hotel has been chosen and organised for the Mekong Indo China 2019, and we recommend that you stay at the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, located in the middle of downtown Chiang Mai. In town events will take place around this venue and transport to and from runs will be from this hotel! (Note, we advise you book your hotel soon after confirming registration as during Loi Kratong, Chiang Mai’s hotels will be booked up quickly!)

Registration coming soon!

We are planning to open advance registration for hashers in the Indochina region on November 1st to give plenty of time to book flights hotels etc. The event is being held during the Loy Kratong festival, which is always very popular in Chiang Mai, so booking well in advance is prudent!

The runfee is 4900B, which includes the welcome party on Friday evening, your choice of run for Saturday afternoon, followed by beer and circles, and then a big dinner on the Saturday night, plus of course washing away your hangover on Sunday with the hangover run and lunch. Don’t forget the goodie bag of haberdashery!