The Runs

The Main Event

  • Fri 15th Nov – Welcome Party
  • Sat 16th Nov – The Main Event (Ball Breaker, Long, Regular or Walk), followed by circles & Party
  • Sun 17th Nov – Hangover run followed by closing circle, beer and food!

NOTE: Prelube & Postlube runs are NOT included in the Runfee!


Tues 12th Nov
Bangkok->Chiang Mai Hash / Bus / Train by TDH3 (3,900 THB) – Details :TDH3 Prelube Release

Wed 13th Nov

  • Charity Loy Kratong (Loy Kateoy) Run
  • Loy Kratong is one of the main traditional festivals held annually in Chiang Mai. The event involves fireworks, lanterns and a parade through the city. For years Chiang Mai hashers have misunderstood the event and conducted a Loy Kateoy (transvestite) run, similar to a Red Dress Run, enjoying a memorable Cross Dressing Run / Bar Crawl through the city.

    Thur 14th Nov

  • MALE ONLY Lanna Bush H3 Run
  • The Lanna Bush Hash is a MALE ONLY hash running trails throughout Lanna Kingdom in the north of Thailand. You can expect a challenging run, with plenty of beer and plenty of fun!

  • FEMALE ONLY Bunny + Iron Pussy + Copenhagen Ladies Hash Run
  • Just as the men like to get away, so do the ladies, and once a month the Chiang Mai Bunny Hash gather to run, drink and eat! This special LADIES ONLY RUN sees the Chiang Mai Bunny H3 team up with the Phuket Iron Pussy H3 and Copenhagen Ladies H3 to bring you unparalleled craziness!

  • MIXED Chiang Mai Happy Hash Run
  • The CH4 is a mixed hash that runs every Thursday – 45-60 minute run, followed by a circle run by the hare of the day.

    Fri 15th Nov

  • TDH3 Prelube – 9:15AM, (1,500B). Details: TDH3
  • Postlube

    Mon 18th Nov

  • Full Moon Run – Bobo
  • The traditions continue with a full moon run following the main event.