Red Dress Run (RDR) / Loi Kateoy Run

Wednesday 13th November

Hosted by the Chiang Mai Male Hash (CH3).

Lead Hare: Chuck Wao
Co-hares: Emma Royde & Byte My Yahoo

Loi Kratong is one of the 2 main festivals held annually in Chiang Mai. “Loy Kratong” translates as “to float a basket”, reflecting the tradition of releasing a decorated floating container often made from banana leaf and stalk. Releasing the kratong is said to help free you from past transgressions, letting go anger, hatred and negative thoughts. In Chiang Mai the Loi Kratong festival also coincides with Yi Peng, a full moon when Buddhists will go to make merit. This generally involves releasing Khom Loi, or sky lanterns into the sky, and is often accompanied by fireworks displays. During this period parades also walk the streets carrying statues and donations to the temples. The result is a memorable, spectacular, yet traditional event.

A couple of decades ago, a smart hasher noticed the similarity between the word “Kratong” (Basket), and “Kateoy” (Lady Boy), and so was born the “Loy Kateoy Hash Run”, where men take the opportunity to dress up as ladies, and ladies as men. As assorted hashers make a bar crawl around the city, it generates some amused attention, but also in recent years donations to local charities.

Meet: The Lobby of the Duang Tawan Hotel @ 2:30PM

*more information to be added as available.