The Main Event – (Saturday)

Saturday 16th November

Hares: Byte My Yahoo, Taste My Buns, Brown Finger, His Royal Anus

For the main event, you will have a choice of runs! All runs will be around 1 hour travel from the Duang Tawan Hotel (naturally transport is provided).

* The Ball Breaker – Prepare to have your balls broken! Very little information will be given, except that there will be multiple ‘beer stops’ where you can bail out if your balls are already broken!
Buses leave Duang Tawan Hotel:- 10.00AM (to be confirmed).

* The Long Run – FRBs can expect to make it to the circle within around 2 hours, but who knows you’ll probably be able to get a beer on the route.
Buses leave Duang Tawan Hotel:- 13.30 (to be confirmed).

* The Regular Run – It should take 45 minutes to 1 hour, followed by the usual hash fun in the circle.
Buses leave Duang Tawan Hotel:- 15.00 (to be confirmed).

* The Walk – If you are here for the beer more than the exercise, join the walk for minimal exertion.
Buses leave Duang Tawan Hotel:- 15.00 (to be confirmed).

After the run, we intend to wrap up the circles around sunset (6pm), before taking the buses back to town where you’ll have time for a shower and tidy up before meeting at the River Market for dinner and party starting around 8PM. All included in the runfee.