Sunday 17th – Hangover Run

Sunday 17th November

OK – so how is your hangover going? Hoping you had a good night on Saturday, but the event isn’t over yet! We still have a hangover party to come!

Transport leaves Duang Tawan Hotel @10:30 (to be confirmed).

Hares: Byte My Yahoo, Taste My Buns, Brown Finger, His Royal Anus.

To help you clear your hangover, the hares have a little exercise for you. You will have a choice of a 6km sweat, or a much shorter stagger – don’t worry there will be beer waiting for you at the end of both. Not only beer, but a traditional Lanna Style garden party with a selection of buffet lunch (all included in run fee). Perhaps the hare of the dog will make you feel better and you’ll join us for a few afternoon beers in the sun?